International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2017

  1. A Comprehensive Review over Contribution of Agni, Kostha and Mahabhuta in Digestion 

Aniket A Shilwant1* and Niraj F Mandod2

Pages 1-13

  1. Establishment of Anatomical Variations in Upper Limb

Sakshi1* and Pramod Anand Tiwari2

Pages 14-18

  1. Pharmacognostical and Pharmaceutical Analysis of DantashodhanaChoorna

Dhara M. Makwana1*, P. K. Prajapati2, Manjusha R3, Harisha C R4, V J Shukla5
Pages 19-27

  1. Lifestyle Disorders in Working Women -A Statistical Analysis

Roma Gangawane1*and YogeshYelmar2

Pages 28-37

  1. Evaluation of Teratological Concept in Ayurveda

Doley Lakhiprova1*, Sarma Tikendrajit2, Baishya Pranabjyoti3

Pages 38-47

  1. A Review on an important plant-Tila (Sesamum indicum)

Nishaphogat1* and Naveen Antil2
Pages 48-52

  1. Evaluation of Anti-anxiety Activity of Grangea maderaspatana (L.) Poir. Extracts in Experimental Animals

Tanvi Dodiya1*and Vineet Jain2
Pages 53-60

  1. A View over Yuvana Pidika with special reference to Acne

Vipin Kumar1*, Sapana Khatri2 and K.L. Meena3

Pages 61-69

  1. Antibacterial and Antifungal activity of Shodhita Manashila Prepared by Bijapura Swarasa

B. Saravanan*
Pages 70-80

  1. A Literary Study on Lehanaadhyayaas an Ayurvedic Perspective

Yogita Shrivas1*, Sushil Vilas Chawre2, Manish Bhoyar3
Pages 81-93

  1. Respiration in Ayurveda - Sharangadhara's Perspective

H Pampanna Gouda1*, Govind Raju2 and Seema M B3
Pages 94-102

  1. Ayurveda: Indian System of Medicine in the Main Stream of India - Problem & Its Solutions

Vimla Kumari1* and Kamini Kaushal2
Pages 103-108

  1. Effect of Ayurvedic Medicines in the Management of Vartma Sharkara with special reference to Conjunctival Concretions-Pilot Study

K G Surangi1* and Shamsa Fiaz2
Pages 109-120

  1. A Fundamental and Analytical Study of Concept of Agni and its Validation by CDSA Test

Monika Kumari1* and Prabhakar Vardhan2

Pages 121-136

  1. Fat or Fit - It's Your Choice: A Case Study on Obesity

Veena S Kulkarni1*, Raviraj S Kurabet2 and Siddanagouda A Patil3

Pages 137-142

  1. Swasthavritta-A Restorative Intervention in Cosmetology

Shruti Shrampal Karemore1* and Ram V. Ramekar2
Pages 143-149

  1. Study Association between Dhatu Sarata and Mosso's Ergography

Umesh S. Ghate1* and Kavita V. Indapurkar2

Pages 150-158

  1. Effect of Abhyanga on Vaatvridhi: A Case Study

Kiran R. Pabitwar*
Pages 159-170

  1. Role of Ayurveda in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Divya Zala1*, Dilip Prajapati2, Anup B Thakar3 and Nilesh N Bhatt4

Pages 171-177

  1. Proficiency of Agnikarma in Managing a Critical Planter Corn: A Case Report

Pooja P. Shrivastav1* and Kiran Khandare2

Pages 178-182

  1. Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Lipoic Acid and Metformin in their Tablet Dosage Form

Patel PK1*, Patel GH2, Modha NB3 and Upadhyay UM4

Pages 183-194

  1. Toxicological Study of Rasamanikya by L.D.50 Method

BhangePankaj1, UndaleVidya2, Bhatambre Yogesh3 and Bhange Pallavi4*

Pages 195-212

  1. In-vivo Antiasthmatic Activity of Nava Pippali and Purana Pippali (Piper longum Linn.)

Rajendra H M1* and Meenal D Lad2

Pages 213-223

  1. Review of Kumari (Aloe barbadensis Miller) in Ayurvedic Literature

Dhiman Sonia1*, Kumar Ajay2, Dhiman Monika3, Chawla Kumar Satbir4 and Priyanka5
Pages 224-237

  1. Isolation and Identification of Flavonoid Compounds in Tremaorientalis Leaves by Preparative TLC and Various Spectroscopic Techniques

Mariyan R. Patel1* and Hiteksha S. Panchal2

Pages 238-244

  1. Management of Amavata (Rheumatoid arthritis) through VaitaranaVastiand DhanyamlaDhara-A Case Study

Udaya Ganesha B*
Pages 245-250

  1. Ethnomedicinal Plants: In vitro Antibacterial Effects of Ethanolic Extract of Stevia rebaudiana

Mohammad Mahdi Zangeneh1,2*, Fariba Najafi2, Reza Tahvilian3, Saman Salmani1, Lida Haghnazari4, Akram Zangeneh2,5 and Rohalah Moradi2
Pages 251-259

  1. Scientific and Clinical Explanation of Aristlakshanas described in Charak Samhita

Dwivedi Ramakant*
Pages 260-270

  1. A Review of the Marmas (vital points) and their Clinical Importance

Ashok Kumar Sharma1*, Manisha2 and Amit Kumar Sharma3
Pages 271-274 

  1. Nighantus (Ayurvedic lexicons) and their Contributions towards Shalakya (E.N.T) Related Disorders - A Comprehensive Review

Siba Prasad Rout1* and Rabinarayan Acharya2

Pages 275-295

  1. Management of Obesity by Special Breathing Techniques

Niranjan Patel1, Rajesh Kolarkar2* and Rajashree Kolarkar3

Pages 296-301

  1. A Critical Review on Shirisha (Albizia Lebback) and Its Formulations with special reference to Visha Chikitsa (Management of Poisoning)

Chalakh Sonali1* and Kadu Amol2 

Pages 302-309


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