International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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UGC No. (old) 43112 (2018-19) for authors reference only

International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 8, Issue 2, 2018 (10th March 2018)

  1. In-situ Assessment of Diversity in Suganda pala (Hemidesmus indicus (L) R. Br.) With Special Reference to Leaf Traits

V. Kamala1, N. Sivaraj2*, S.R. Pandravada3 and B. Sarath Babu4
Pages 1-12

  1. Tarpana - An Approach to Shushakakshipaka w.s.r. to Dry Eye

Anjali1*, Gunjan Sharma2, Aditi3, Priyanka Rani4 and Renu Rao5
Pages 13-18

  1. Sankhya Darshan and Ayurveda : A Critical Analysis

Pallavi Das1*, Manalisa Devi2 and Kanika Goswami3
Pages 19-24

  1. Comparative and Critical Analysis of Vata Dosha in Ayurveda and Sidha System of Medicines

Roshni K. P.*
Pages 25-45

  1. Haritaki (Terminalia chebula Retz.), A Boon of Nature: A Review

Monika Agrawal1, Saurav Sharma2 and Makhan Lal3
Pages 46-53

  1. Comparative Study of Basic Physiochemical Parameters on "Arjuna Ksheera Paaka" and It's Powdered Form

Senerath Shapb1, Jayasiri Apa2 and Weerasekera K. R.2*
Pages 54-60

  1. Conceptual Study of Sadyapranahara Guda Marma and Its Relevance in Proctology

Akulwar Akanksha1* and Raut Subhash2
Pages 61-71

  1. Role of Life Style in the Management of Madhumeha (Diabetes mellitus)

Nand Kishor Dadhich1* and Shushil Kumar Dubey2
Pages 72-77

  1. An Ayurvedic Approach of Traumatic Wound and its Management: A Critical Review

Neelam Sajwan1* and Danish Javed2
Pages 78-89

  1. Combined Management of Fissure in Ano and Fistula in Ano by Ksharasutra - A Case Study

Kedar Nita M1 and Chakole Dinesh Pandurang2*
Pages 90-94

  1. An Epidemiological Study of Nutritional Status among Children in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India

Deepshikha1*, Amit Kumar Rai2, Utkarsh Gupta3 and Garg G P4
Pages 95-103

  1. Clinical Implications of Kshar and Kshar Karma in Various Surgical Conditions

Danish Javed1* and Neelam Sajwan2
Pages 104-114

  1. Experimental Toxicology

Ranjeeta Singh Deo1* and Prafulla2
Pages 115-125

  1. Clinical Implication of Portacaval Anastomosis and its Relevance in Ayurveda w.s.r. to Haemorrhoids

Anju B Uppin*
Pages 126-130

  1. Conceptual Study of Aartava in View of Modern Science

Suryakant.D.Rokade1, Pradnya.R.Deshpande2 and Neha.B.Pitla3*
Pages 131-137

  1. Conceptual study of Hematopoiesis (Raktotpatti)

Kuldeep Kumar1* and Ashok Kumar2
Pages 138-145

  1. The Concept of Srotas in Ayurveda with special reference to Blood Capillaries

B.M.N. Kumar*
Pages 146-155

  1. Review Literature of Ayurvedic Drugs Used in Kandu or Kachhu (Itches and Scabies)

Markam Jyoti1*, Soni Neha1, Gupta Amit1, Singh Rajesh Kumar2 and Gupta R.P.3
Pages 156-161

  1. Studies on Medicinal Plant-lore and Orientalism of Jaunsari Tribe

Avnish K. Upadhyay1* and Kaushal Kumar2
Pages 162-172

  1. A Comparative Clinical Study on the Effect of Virechana & Shamana Snehapana in Eka Kushta w.s.r. to Psoriasis

Sushma P.*
Pages 173-182

  1. Management of Pakshavadha with Panchkarma Procedures: A Successful Case Study

Hivale Ujwala S1*, Bhusal Nirmal2 and Mangal Gopesh3
Pages 183-190

  1. The Critical Analysis of Ashtavidha Virya

Amit A. Gajarmal1* and Sudipt Kumar Rath2
Pages 191-201

  1. Critical Review on Forensic Psychiatry and Its Medico-Legal Aspects

Pages 202-209

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