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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 7, Issue 1, 2017

  1. Surgical Ethics: Then and Now 

Bijit Das1*, Pankaj Kr. Barman2 and DhaneswarKalita3

Pages 1-8

  1. Multi Modal Ayurvedic Treatment of Madhumeha (with Particular Reference to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus)

Gandhi Rachana1*, Patel Manish2, Patel Kalapi3, Gupta S N4

Pages 9-18

  1. A Controlled Comparative Clinical Study of Lohamritam in the Management of Pandu (w.s.r. to Iron Deficiency Anaemia)

Patel Zalak1*, Gupta S. N.2, Patel Kalapi3 and Patel Manish4
Pages 19-29

  1. An AyurvedicManagement of Jalodara (Ascites) with special referance to Hepatic Cirrhosis

Panjabi Haripriya1*, Patel Kalapi2, Patel Manish3 and Gupta S N4

Pages 30-40

  1. Clinical Study on the Effect of Ayurvedic Medicines in the Management of Kacha with special reference to Immature Senile Cataract

K G Surangi1*and Shamsa Fiaz2

Pages 41-52

  1. Dhamanis-The Carriers of Nutrient Fluid

Priyanka Shandilya1* and Shreevathsa2 
Pages 53-60

  1. A Clinical Study about Evaluation of the Efficacy of Varunadi Kvatha in the Management of Mootrashmari (Urinary Calculus)

Upadhyay Jay1*, Patel Manish2, Gupta S N3 and Vaidya Tapankumar4
Pages 61-68

  1. A Conceptual Review on Importance of Prakriti and its Assessment

Savita Katwal1*, Akhilesh Shrivastava2 and Dalip Sharma3

Pages 69-74

  1. Conceptual Study of Role of Panchakarma (Detoxification) Therapy in Visha Chikitsa (Poisoning Management)

N. S. Gangasagre1*, Sheela B. Datal2, S. P. Mirajkar3, S. M. Lahankar4, Dipali S. Pawar5
Pages 75-86

  1. Clinico-comparative Study of Trayodasanga Guggulu with and without Nasya Karma in the Management of Avabahuka (Frozen Shoulder Syndrome)

Solanki Vishal1*, Vaidya Tapankumar2, Gupta S N3, Patel Manish4 and Patel Kalapi5
Pages 87-95

  1. Chakshushyadravya Guidelines for Health Promotion of Eyes

Rupali Bhaurao Ramteke1* and A. P. Vaijwade2
Pages 96-102

  1. Capsule Ibomic a Polyherbal Formulation for the Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Type- D: A Case Series

Madhavi Mahajan1, Sneha Kulkarni2, Veena Deo3, Bharatbhushan Shrikhande4 and Supriya Bhalerao5*
Pages 103-110

  1. An Insight into 'Charakokta Dravya-Pariksha Vidhi' and its Applicability

Pooja S. Dabhade*
Pages 111-120

  1. Evaluation of Prognosis of Madhumeha by Tail Bindu Mutra Pareeksha: A Case Study

Neha Tiwari1*, Swapnil Saini2, Akhilesh Shrivastva3, Rajesh Manglesh4 and Dalip Sharma5

Pages 121-126

  1. Anesthetic, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities of Anacyclus pyrethrum Root Extract-An In vitro and In vivo Animal study

Kameshwaran M1* and Ayyappadasan G2

Pages 127-137

  1. A Comparative Therapeutic Study of Aswagandha and Kapikacchu in the Management of Senile Dementia

Vishwakarma Kumar Santosh1*, Dhiman Sonia2, Kumar Ajay3, Ranjan Raman4 and Bara Rajni Anupa5
Pages 138-151

  1. Assessment of Antibacterial Activity of Neem and Coriander Leaves Extract against Staphylococcus epidermidis and Propionibacterium acnes: Development and Evaluation of Herbal Anti-acne Gel

Tayyaba Sadiq1* and Muhammad Azeem2

Pages 152-164

  1. Malabsorption Syndrome - An Ayurvedic Perspective

Aniket A Shilwant1* and Rahul V. Magare2
Pages 165-174

  1. Concept of Abdominal Pain in Ayurved: An Aetiopathological Study

Bijit Das1* and Pankaj Kr. Barman2

Pages 175-181

  1. Conceptual review on Rakta Dhatu, Raktavahastrotas and Red Blood Cells

Mahreen Fatema Ayaz Ahmed1* and Sunil.G.Topre2

Pages 182-187

  1. Use of Mini-CEX as a Direct Observation Tool to Assess & Give Feedback to Interns in A Case of Sandhivta (Osteoarthritis)

D. G. Dipankar1*, Meenakshi Choube2, Jibi Varghese3, Aboli Patil4, Abhijit Shekhar5, and Pranesh Gaikwad6

Pages 188-196

  1. Interrelation between Dhatusarasaratva-Blood Group-Disease: A Study

Kiran R. Pabitwar1* and B. H. Shyamkuwar2

Pages 197-211

  1. Evaluation of anti-fungal activity of Chakramarda Seeds (Alcoholic extract) on Clinical Pathogens (Dermartophytosis)

Anoma Geethani Samarawickrama1*, Ajantha2, Shashirekha K S3 and Chethana Kumari D.S.4

Pages 212-221

  1. Robustness Evaluation of the Chromatographic Determination of Amlodipine in Tablet Dosage Form

Liliya Logoyda1*, Yuliya Kondratova2 and Dmytro Korobko3

Pages 222-229

  1. A Clinical Study to Evaluate Efficacy of Jalaukavcharana in the Management of Kaphaja Netra Abhishyanda w.s.r. Vernal Kerato Conjunctivitis

Gunjan Sharma1, Anjali2*, Aditi3 and Priyanka Rani4

Pages 230-237

  1. Review of Treatment Protocols in the Management of Vandhyatva w.s.r. infertility due to Cervical Factor

Jasmina Acharya1* and Foram Joshi2
Pages 238-246

  1. Development of a standard Preparation Procedure and Physicochemical Analysis of Simhanad Guggulu

Nalini Rameshrao Hedaoo1*, Ujwala Ashokrao Jadhao2, Chatragun Eknathrao Lagad3 and Rajesh Kundalikrao Ingole4
Pages 247-261

  1. Holistic review of Jaluka-A Natural Surgical Tool in the Management of Arsha (Haemorrhoids)

Shipra Katiyar1*, Brijesh Kumar2 and Santosh Kumar Misra3
Pages 262-269

  1. Comparison of Anti-bacterial Activity of Different Concentrations of Betel Leaves (Piper betel) and Curry Leaves (Murraya koenigii) Extract on Streptococcus mutans - An in vitro Study

Abhishek A. Talathi1* and Anil V. Ankola2
Pages 270-278

  1. Study of Sitopaladi Churna with reference to its Physico-Chemical, Phytochemical & Microbial Analysis

Anshuman Rajnala*

Pages 279-286

  1. Comparative Study of Shodhan of Sthavar upvisha Kuchala (Strychnos Nux vomica) Seeds in Kanji, Goghrita, Godugda & Water w.s.r. to its HPTLC

Manisha C. Dhavale1 and Mrunal Tiwari2

Pages 287-294

  1. Clinical Study on the Efficacy of Potaki (Basella Alba) Pichu for Sukha Prasava

Hashina Mehjabin1* and Yanbeni Humtsoe2

Pages 295-302

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (bph)

Patel Kalapi1*, Patel Manish2, Shah N K3, Gupta S N4 and Jain Jinesh5

Pages 303-310

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Incontinence of Urine in Aged

Patel Manish1*, Ka. Patel Nimesh2, Kalapi B Patel3, Gupta S N4, Kulashreshtha D5 and Jain Jinesh6

Pages 311-319

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