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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2015

  1. Efficacy of Jalaukavacharana in Bhagandari Pidika: A Single Case Study

Deepa Kulkarni1*, Nita Kedar2, Subhash Raut3

Pages 1-6

  1. Review of Kushtha Hetu According to Bruhatrayi

Prashant Parauha1* and CH Sadanandam2

Pages 7-14

  1. An Analytical Study of Swarnmakshik bhasma in View of its Efficacy and Safety

Barkha J Tirpude*

Pages 15-23

  1. To Reveal the Identity of Nrutyakundaka Beeja - A Review

Tonge Madan B*

Pages 24-28

  1. Low Back Pain: It's Prevention and Management through Yoga and Ayurveda

Suryawanshi Pradipkumar R1*, Suryawanshi Pradipkumar R2, Shweta V Musale3 and Rucha Shinde4

Pages 29-37

  1. Ayurvedic Treatment of Psoriasis: A Case Report

Parveen Kumar1*and Smita Kumari2

Pages 38-44

  1. Clinical Evaluation of the Anti-inflammtory Action of Ayurvedic Remedies in Arthritis w.s.r. to Shotha - A Review

PR. M. Sonwane1*, Amit Gajarmal2 and D.S.Chothe3

Pages 45-59

  1. Clinical Evaluation of Kebuka oil in the Management of Cervical Dystocia

Sipika Swati1, Prateek Agarwal2*and Neelam3

Pages 60-69

  1. Critical Analysis of Etiology of Sthaulya (Obesity)

Durgesh Gupta1*, A.C.Kar2

Pages 70-77

  1. Menopausal Syndrome and its Management in Ayurvedic Perspective: A Review

Soni Anamika1*and Soni Surendra2

Pages 78-86

  1. Conductometric Measurments of 3-(2-hydroxy-3-nitro-5-methyl) phenyl-6-amino-1,2,5-thioxazine in 50% Ethanol-Water Mixture at Different Temperatures

D.T.Tayade1 ,S.S. Padhen2, A.B.Wadekar3 and S.A.Waghmar4*
Pages 87-91

  1. Critical Analysis of Gridhrasi

Anil Kumar Joshi1* and Teena Jain2

Pages 92-102

  1. A Combined Study on the Effect of Drakshadi Gutika and Yoga Modalities in Amlapitta

Venkatesh M Illal*

Pages 103-115

  1. Physicochemical Analysis of Simhanada Guggulu Pill

Saroj Kumar Debnath1* and Sudhaben N. Vyas2

Pages 116-120

  1. A Clinical Study on the Role of Vamana Karma and Nimbadivati in the Management of Ekakushtha w.s.r. to Psoriasis

Kuldeep Singh1*, A. J. Ravat2 and N.P. Joshi3

Pages 121-133


  1. An Easy Way to Prepare Kupipakwa Rasayana by Muffle Furnace

Sima Ashok Kurule1*and Pallavi Mundada2

Pages 134-141

  1. Management of Uncontrolled Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus with Virechana Therapy: A Case Study

Vishakha R Wetal1* and Swati A Chorghade

Pages 142-150

  1. A Review of Dhatu Pradoshaja Vikara

Shyam Babu Singh1* and Poornima Mansoria2

Pages 151-157

  1. Clinical efficacy of Laghumanjishthadi Kwath in the Management of Kitibh Kushtha w.s.r. to Psoriasis

Pallavi Suresh Mundada1* Sakshi Sharma2, Sima Kurule3 and Manoj Raut4

Pages 158-168

  1. Anatomical changes in the body related to Galagaṇḍa

Teena Jain1*, Anil Kumar Joshi2 and Sunil Kumar Yadav3

Pages 169-178

  1. Importance of Murchhana Samskara in the Preparation of Medicated Oil-An Analytical Study

Pankaj Rai*

Pages 179-186

  1. Shalmali (Bombax Malabaricum DC.): Aphrodisiac drug of Ayurveda

Rajput Pawan1*, Parashar Shalini2, Rama mohan Rao G3 and Sridurga Ch.4

Pages 187-199

  1. An Overview and Approach towards Herbal Drug Research in Ayurveda

Danga. S.K.1*, Chetan Gulhane2, Babita Singh3, Ahuti Rai4 and Sarve R.N.5

Pages 200-205

  1. Consequences of Different Medium in the Pharmaceutical Processing's of Metals and Minerals w.s.r. to Abhraka Shodhana-An Analytical Study

Pankaj Rai1*, Laxmi Narayan Gupta2 and Neeraj Kumar3

Pages 206-215

  1. Vardhamaan Pippali Rasayana: -A Hope for LRTI w.s.r. Bronchiestasis-A Case Study

Satender Tanwar1*, Shailaja S. V.2 and Kiran M Goud3

Pages 217-222

  1. A Clinical Evaluation of Kushtha (Saussurealappa.-C.B.Clarke.) on Shukradushti w.s.r. to Seminal Parameters and Sexual Health Parameters

Dharmendra P Jani1* and B. R. Patel2

Pages 223-233

  1. Benifits of Herbal Medicine in Spinal Cord Disorder- A Review

Dattu D. Karande1* M. B. Shende2 and D. S. Chothe3

Pages 234-238

  1. Agni-Beyond Digestive Fire-An Exploratory Study

Satender Tanwar1* and Pradnya Chittawadgi2

Pages 239-253

  1. Ayurvedic Approach on Anatomical Basis of Endocrine Disorders: A Review

Dhannajay1*, Naresh K. Kumawat2

Pages 254-264

  1. Role of Pādābhyaṁga in the Health of Human Beings

Teena Jain1* and Sunil Kumar Yadav2

Pages 265-272

  1. Critical Study of Asthapana Basti

Alok Singh Sengar1*, Neelam Kumari Singh2

Pages 273-281

  1. A Review on Management of Hridroga w.s.r. to Ayurveda

Tripathi Arun Kumar1, Singh Deshraj2, Tiwari Akanksha3*

Pages 282-298

  1. Chemical Characterization and Antibacterial activity of Swarna Jibanti (Coelogyne cristata Lindl.)

Achintya Mitra1*, Sreya Dutta2, Dhirendra Nath Mandal3 , Kumkum Bhattacharyya4, Dipankar Bhattacharyya5 and Jayram Hazra6

Pages 299-315

  1. Role of Kalabasti in Pakshaghata w.s.r. to Hemiplegia -A Case Study

Shital Shivaram Pawar1*, Shankar Lahuraj Mane2 and S. R. Saley3

Pages 316-320



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