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Volume 20, Issue 1, 2024

  1. Nirgundyathi Agada in Lootha Visha - A Review

Sreekutty P V1* , Shrinidhi R2 , Shubha P U3 and Chaithra S Hebbar4

Pages 1-5

  1. Role of Rasayana in Respiratory Health & Prevention of Post-Covid-19 Complications

Tejendra Singh1* , Shweta Rawat2 and Smita Zambare (Bisht)3

Pages 6-11

  1. Significance of Integrated Approach in the Preventive Aspects of Metabolic Syndrome Highlighted in Ayurveda

Vijayendra G Bhat1* , R Santhoshini2 and Niveditha YR Hebbar3

Pages 12-20

  1. Review on Ahara-Vidhividhan, Annavaha Strotas and Modern Lifestyle

Mahreen Fatema Kazi1* and Nitin Tale2

Pages 32-36

  1. Rajanyadi Lepa in Lootha Visha - A Review

Neha Rokhade1* , Shrinidhi R2 , Ranjana K3 and Chaithra Hebbar4

Pages 50-56

  1. Progressive Review of Varti Kalpana w.s.r. to Guda Varti (Rectal Suppositories)

Jyoti M Takoliya1* , Ankit M. Paneliya2 and Upendra U Zala3

Pages 91-101

  1. Management of Blood Transfusion Dependent Anaemia through Ayurveda

Sanjeev Kaushik11* , Shweta Bisht2 and Jyoti Kumari3

Pages 102-106

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