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Volume 19, Issue 2, 2023

  1. Analgesic Activities of Chirabilvadi Yoga: An Ayurvedic Compound Formulation

Pooja Rohilla1* , R N Acharya2 and Mukesh Nariya3

Pages 1-9

  1. Clinical Evidences of Ayurvedic Contraception

MahimaPatel1* , Jyoti Kanwar Solanki2 and A Neelima3

Pages 28-34

  1. A Case Study on the Management of the Frozen Shoulder with Ayurveda Concepts

Nandali Zade1* and Pranali Manthanwar2

Pages 35-39

  1. Pharmaceutical Study of Ashtanga Ghrita

Deepthi Mudigere1* , Ravindra Angadi2 and Sudheendra Honwad3

Pages 62-67

  1. Ten Leafy Vegetables (Pattila) of Karkidaka Month

Ankitha H1* , Rout Om Prakash2 and Singh Rajesh Kumar3

Pages 68-81

  1. Critical Review on Brimhana Effect of Vidarikanda

Vitthal Kerdas Kadam1* , Neeraj Agrawal2 , Lowkesh Chandravanshi3 , Satyawati Rathia4 and Akanksha Mishra and Dushyant5

Pages 82-90

  1. Concept of Purification w.r.t. Visha Dravya (Poisonous Drugs)

Gunja K. Dahikar1* , Bharat Rathi 2 , Radha Phadnis3 and Sandip B Kamble4

Pages 107-117

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Non-Healing Fracture - A Case Study

Komal Sathavara1* , Jigna Yadav2 and Anamika S Soni3

Pages 118-121

  1. Kushthaghna Mahakashaya: A Short Ayurvedic and Therapeutic Review

Neha Mehra1* , Shailendra Pradhan2 and Mithilesh Singh3

Pages 128-138

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