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Volume 18, Issue 1, 2023

  1. Clinical Importance of Kapha Dosha in Kaumarabhritya w.s.r. Growth and Development, Bala, Diseases and Child Psychology: A Critical Review

Lalit Mohan Bhatt1* , Swati Bhatt2 , Prashant Kumar Gupta3 , Satyawati Rathia4 and Lowkesh Chandravanshi5

Pages 1-10

  1. Role of Diet in Abbadha Medas vis-à-vis Dyslipidemia

Ashwini N1* , Jyoti Hegde2 and Gajanana Hegde3

Pages 11-20

  1. Statistical Analysis of Doshala Varga of Sidhhamantra Nighantu

Parul Anand1* , Bhupesh R Patel2 and Deepak Garg3

Pages 21-29

  1. Peroneal Axonal Neuropathy Treatment in Ayurveda - A Case Study

Aniruddha S1* , Vishnupriya Seetharam2 and Dhaneshwari H A3

Pages 30-35

  1. Management of Hypothyroidism through Ayurveda: Single Case Study

Dhaval Makwana1* , Priti Engineer2 , Hardik Chudasama3 and Arsi Dodia4

Pages 42-47

  1. Comprehensive Literary Review on Dhavadi Bhasma

Tejashwini M Rajanal1* , Ravikrishna S2 , Shubha P U3 and Chaitra Hebbar4

Pages 48-54

  1. Pharmaceutical Standardization of Drakshadi Gutika

Divyesh Trivedi1* , Upendra U Zala2 and Rejoice N. Macwan3

Pages 55-59

  1. Tea (Camellia sinensis Linn.) – The Pharmacological Activities, Substitutes and Adulterants

Das Sangram Keshari1* , Suryasmit Parwar2 and Mohanty Bishnupriya3

Pages 60-67

  1. Effect of Pesticides on Human Health

Suman1* , Brijendra Singh Tomar2 and Satbir Kumar Chawla3

Pages 68-75

  1. Analytical Study of Janapadoddhwamsa with special reference to COVID-19 like Pandemic

Kirti Soni1* , Kavita Kanyal2 and Vijay Shankar Pandey3

Pages 83-89

  1. The Effect of Nadishodhana Pranayama on Dehabala with special reference to Udana Vayu

Patil Shilpa Sanjiv1* , Kodape D T2 and Dhimdhime R S3

Pages 90-102

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