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Volume 16, Issue 2, 2022

  1. Study on Safety and Efficacy of Snehapana- A Scientific Approach

Sanghamitra Patnaik1* , Sanjay Kumar Giri2 , Pavithra S3 and Satinder Kumar4

Pages 1-9

  1. Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcer and Diabetic Gangrene through Ayurvedic Intervention: A Case Report

Meenu1* , Rashmi Kathait2 , Rakesh Kumar3 , Krishana Bihari4 and Ajai Kumar Pandey5

Pages 19-26

  1. Rajswala Paricharya and its Impact on Menstrual Disorder- A Review

Veena A Patil1* and Ashlesha R. Patil2

Pages 27-30

  1. Role of Rasayan in Post Covid Era - A Review Article

C Shrilaxmi R Chintaliah1* and Jaydip Visave2

Pages 39-50

  1. Maximo-Therapeutics in Ayurveda

Hegde Pallavi1* , A Arhanth Kumar2 and P H Shrikanth3

Pages 64-73

  1. Hyperglycaemia to Heart attack - A Case Study

Bishnupriya Mohanty1* , Sherin Sebastian2 and Sangram Keshari Das3

Pages 74-80

  1. Indriyajayo Nandnanam w.s.r to Insomnia (Due to excess screen time)

Bishnupriya Mohanty1* , Prajyot Alhad Dicholkar2 and Sangram Keshari Das3

Pages 81-87

  1. A Literary Study on Aharadravya having Hridya Property in Relation to Brihat Trayee

Shah Ranju1* , A Arhanth Kumar2 and P H Shrikanth and D N Likhita3

Pages 88-96

  1. Significance of Anvayakramain Comprehending Ashtanga Hridayam

N Pooja1* , A Arhanth Kumar2 , P H Shrikanth3 and PV Ramadas4

Pages 97-104

  1. Significance of Trigunatmaka Ahara in Maintenance of Health – A Review

Aarti Kaushik1* , Manisha2 and M B Gaur3

Pages 105-112

  1. A Survey Study on Effect of Rasayana in Purview of Longevity

Ragini Shukla1* , Shailesh Singh2 , Deepa3 and Mahesh Dixit4

Pages 118-124

  1. Pharmaceutico-Analytical Study of A Polyherbal Ayurvedic Formulation BhallatakaadiTaila Indicated in DadruKushta

Rekha Patil1* , Shrinidhi R2 , Chaithra Hebbar3 , Muralidhar Ballal4 and Suchitra N Prabhu5

Pages 144-152

  1. Comparative Effect of Patra Pinda Swedana and Erand Mooladi Basti in Lumbar Spondylosis: Research Article

Divya Aswal1* , Kumar2 , Sanjay Gupta3 and Nitesh Anand4

Pages 153-162

  1. Pharmacological Properties of Bhringaraj (Eclipta alba Hassk.)

Shambharkar N L1* and Rakshapal Gupta2 and Nitu Dongre32

Pages 163-172

  1. Kavala and Gandusha – Need for Oral Health

K.J. Najma Sultana1* and Anand Katti2

Pages 173-182

  1. Significance of Selection of Ghrita in Netra Tarpana

Zeba Firdouse1* and Anand Katti2

Pages 183-190

  1. A Literary Review on Ayurvedic Concept of Shashtranipatajata Vedana

Nabanita Basak1* , Rajesh Kumar Gupta2 and V D Sharma3

Pages 191-194

  1. A Study to Find a Correlation between Medoroga and Osteoporosis - A Critical Review

Swati Bhingare1* , Rupaji Kadam2 and Ranjeet Sawant3

Pages 195-209

  1. An Ayurvedic Review on Rajaswala Paricharya

Mrityunjoy Baroi1* and Dipak Kr.Goswami2

Pages 210-213

  1. A Literary Review on Kustha (Saussurea lappa)

Arvind Kumar1* , Vidyavati Hiremath2 and Amit Sharma3

Pages 220-225

  1. Cervical Erosion - Correlation and Interpretation in Ayurveda

Sindhu Umesh1* , Pramodini Patil2 , Meghana N3 and Bharati4

Pages 226-231

  1. Pharmaceutical and Analytical Study of Nilitnaduliyadi Leha

Jugal Kishore1* and Sreekala Vijayan2

Pages 232-237

  1. Asthi-Majja Vidradhi (Osteomyelitis) through Integrated Approach

Rohitash Gurjar1* , Priyadeep Raj2 , Sanjeev Sharma3 and Narinder Singh4

Pages 238-242

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Guillain-Barre Syndrome: A Case Report

Sumeet Saini1* , Chilly Priyadarsini Sahoo2 , Ashvini Kumar M3 and Muralidhar P Pujar4

Pages 243-249

  1. A Review on Mruta Sanjivana Agada

Krishnapriya S1* , Gazala Hussain2 and Anu Robert3

Pages 250-255

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