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Volume 15, Issue 2, 2021

  1. Trividha Bodhya Samgraha of Cerebrovascular Accident

Nagaraj S1* and Arun Kumar M and Lavanya V K2

Pages 1-13

  1. Prevention & Management of Viral Fevers and Respiratory Tract Infections – An Ayurvedic Approach

Hareendran Nair J1* , Kasthuri Nair A2 , Arun Pratap3 , Arjun Chand CP4 , Aswathy RS5 , Nisha MG6 and Shan Sasidharan (Corres Author)7

Pages 14-28

  1. Preventive and Promotive Eye Care during the Pandemic- Ayurvedic Perspective

Nirmal Krishnan R1* and Ahalya S2 and S M Pasha32

Pages 42-53

  1. Review on Musta (Cyperus rotundus Linn.)

Thrupthi1* , Shivaprasad Huded2 , Noor Fathima3 and Santosh V R4

Pages 73-78

  1. Understanding of Role of Kapha in Prameha and its Chikitsa

Ramitha Mundkur1* and Veerakumara2

Pages 79-85

  1. Pharmaceutical Standardization of Ela Arka

Rakshitha D1* and Gazala Hussain2

Pages 86-92

  1. Hepatoprotective Activity of Shrikhand Asava – A Preclinical Study

Ruchi Sharma1* and Mangala Jadhav2

Pages 101-110

  1. A Review on Raktavaha Srotodushti Nidana in Asrigdara

Arun Kumar M1* , Silviniya Anitharaj Fernandes2 , Mamatha KV3 , Prasanna N Mogasale4 and Nagaraj S5

Pages 111-120

  1. Hetu and its Role in Health, Disease and Treatment- A Review Article

Deepak Verma1* and Shivangi Kunwar2

Pages 121-129

  1. Role of Bala Oil for Matrabasti and Yonipichu in achieving Normal Vaginal Delivery: An Overview

Swati Malsariya1* , K Bharathi2 and B Pushpalatha3

Pages 130-136

  1. Exploring the Concepts and Benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy: An Overview

Kshama Kulkarni1* , Rakesh Mishra2 and Ankita Mishra and I B Kotturshetti3

Pages 137-145

  1. Fundamental Aspects of Rachana Sharira in Sarngdhara Samhita

Ravikumar R Parmar1* , Swati Bedekar2 and Sitharama Mithanthaya3

Pages 146-154

  1. Standard Manufacturing Process of Sameer Pannag Ras

Vani Gayathri P A1* , Manisha Goyal2 , GovindSahay Shukla3 and Rajaram Agarwal4

Pages 155-161

  1. A Conceptual Study of Ayurveda and Astrology

Ved Prakash1* , Deepti Parashar2 and Sangeeta3

Pages 162-168

  1. A Case Study on Central Cord Syndrome - Krikatika Marmabhighatajanya Sarvangavata

Prasanna N Mogasale1* , Aswathy P M2 and Nagaraj S3

Pages 169-174

  1. Importance and Utilities of Lok Purush Samya Siddhant

Raju Kumar1* and V S Pandey2

Pages 195-199

  1. A Critical Review on Bala

Radhika C1* , Prasanna N Mogasale2 , Arun Kumar M3 and Nagaraj S4

Pages 209-214

  1. Application of Kriyakala in Kaphaja Vikara – A Review Article

Divya Naik1* and Aniruddha2

Pages 215-221

  1. Pharmaceutico-Analytical Study and Standardisation of Ashtanga Ghrita

Yashika Singh1* and D N S Gautam2

Pages 222-232

  1. Role of Haratala in Agada Yogas: A Review

Krishnapriya S1* , GazalaHussain2 and Anu Robert3

Pages 233-237

  1. To Evaluate the Efficacy of “Rovaan Poshak Taila” in the Management of Khalitya (Diffuse Alopecia)

Tiwari H S1* , Barfa Rajendra2 , Mehta Pooja3 , Alam Anzar4 , Panda B P5 , Kshiteeja6 , Pamnani Gulab7 and Mangal Gopesh8

Pages 244-256

  1. An Ayurvedic Management of Rheumatoid arthritis – A Case Study

Swati I Thakar1* and Himanshu Kanzariya2

Pages 257-264

  1. Efficacy of Tilanala Ksharasutra in the Management of Bhagandara with special reference to Fistula-in-Ano

Radhakrishna Reddy D1* , Shivalingappa J Arakeri2 and Ravi R Chavan3

Pages 265-274

  1. Clinical Assessment of Shodhanartha Snehana Karma

Pooja G Sharma1* , Dhara Devani2 , Dolly Solanki3 , Ram Shukla4 and Hemang Raghavani5

Pages 283-288

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