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Volume 15, Issue 1, 2021

  1. Pharmaceutical Study of Rasapushpadi Malahara and its Modified Dosage Forms

Reetesh Ramnani1* , Amit Kumar Sharma2 , Amit Mishra3 , Subhash Yadav4 and K Shankar Rao5

Pages 1-7

  1. Holistic Management of Cerebral Palsy through Ayurveda

Swabi1* , Garg G P2 , Deepshikha3 and Joshi Neha4

Pages 8-16

  1. A Review on Nilitanduliyadi Leha

Jugal Kishore1* and Sreekala Vijayan2

Pages 17-20

  1. Marma Chikitsa- The Art of Natural Healing

Ravindra Singh Baghel1* , Rita Marwaha2 , Pankaj Gupta3 and Nisha Bhalerao4

Pages 21-26

  1. Periodical Evolution of Ayurvedic Herbomineral Formulation Tribhuvanakirti Rasa

Aishwarya Pandey1* , Chandrakant Upadhyay2 and Saroj Parhate3

Pages 27-34

  1. Clinico-anatomical Approach of Medovaha Srotas with special reference to Sthaulya/ Obesity& its Management

Arvind Kumar Yadav1* , Pankaj Gupta2 , Nisha Bhalerao3 , Swatantra Kumar Chourasia4 and Shiba Datta Panda5

Pages 45-53

  1. In vivo Organoleptic (Rasapanchaka) Assessment of Dhaula Phindawri (Nothosaerva brachiata Linn. Wight)

Prakash Mahadev Sutar1* , Sunny C. Patil2 and Mrunal Akre3

Pages 62-72

  1. Review of Rasashastra from the Perspective of Adverse Drug Reactions

Sima A. Kurule1* , Lata A Rathod2 and Nirmala R Sonawane3

Pages 80-87

  1. Analytical Study of Agni Vitiation as a Pathological Factor

Santosh Girbide1* , Gitanjali Wankhade (Corresponding Author)2 , Milind Kamble3 , Sandeep Kale4 and Savita Gudade5

Pages 104-109

  1. Role of Ayurvedic Medicine in the Management of Diabetic Nephropathy – A Single Case Study

Dhara H. Devani1* , Ram Shukla2 , Hemang Raghavani3 and Pooja Sharma4

Pages 110-114

  1. Ayurvedic Approach for Management of Ulcerative Colitis: A Case Study

Mishra Meenu1* , Shivhare Shwetal2 , Sharma Vivek3 and Choudhary Deepak4

Pages 123-129

  1. Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) - A Systemic Review

Mishra Anjali Sanjeev1* and SM Kapgate2

Pages 130-137

  1. Exploring the Classical Formulations of Bhanga in Ayurveda – A Review

Mamta P Adhao1* and Premwant Gunwantrao Dongarwar2

Pages 144-155

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