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Volume 14, Issue 3, 2021

  1. Pharmaceutical and Analytical Study of Vidangadi Churna

Amit Kumar Sharma1* , Vijay Shankar Verma2 , Sumitra3 , Sakhitha K S4 and Sanjay Kumar5

Pages 49-58

  1. Routes of Drug Administration: An Ayurvedic Approach

Harleen Kaur Sethi1* and Rosy Gupta2

Pages 64-72

  1. A Role of Shalabhasan in Muscles of Back Region

Rajrajeshwari Kashyap1* and Swati Bedekar2

Pages 73-77

  1. Aushada Avacharana in Kaphaja Roga

Lekhan K G1* , Mohammed Faisal2 and Niveditha Shetty3

Pages 78-86

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Hemiparesis/ Hemiplegia in Children - A Clinical Case Study

Susanta Kumar Barika1* , Shankar Saradagi2 , Suryanarayana Mudadla3 and Radhika Injamuri (Corresponding Author)4

Pages 87-94

  1. A Phyto-Pharmacognostic Research on Matsyakshi (Alternantherasessilis (L.)R.Br.ex.DC)

Pallavi V Kashyap1* , Shrikanth P2 , Niveditha Shetty3 and Suchitra N Prabhu4

Pages 95-104

  1. Multidimensional Approach on Lekhaneya Dashakaya used in Athisthaulya (Overweight and Obesity) - A Review

Vidyarathna K H P M1* , Kulatunga R D H2 and Madhumalika L P C3

Pages 105-116

  1. A Brief Review of Atisarahara Rasaoushadis

Chaitra L V1* , Krishnamurthy M S2 and Jayalaxmi3

Pages 117-124

  1. Contribution of Bhaishajya Ratnavali to Ayurveda Pharmaceutics

Ambika S1* , Paul Wilson Parathuvayalil2 and Gazala hussain3

Pages 133-139

  1. A Bridge between Samhita and Clinical Practice w.s.r to Tri Skandh

Atal Singh Kushwaha1* , Rajeev Shrivasta2 and Nitin Ujjaliya3

Pages 140-145

  1. Majja Dhatu: The Ayurveda Aspect of Nervous System

Saurabh Jain1* , Sunil Kumar2 , Rashi Sharma3 , Priyanka Verma4 and Kumari Neelam5

Pages 158-161

  1. A Conspectus on Nutraceuticals with an Ayurvedic Narrative

Anand Katti1* and Suryakanth Ghule2

Pages 162-170

  1. A Clinico Observational Study of Gandamala w.s.r Thyroid Disorders

Chaya H1* , Manjula K2 , Mahamad Yunus S Nabooji3 and Prakash B Shivapur4

Pages 171-175

  1. Clinical efficacy of Lakshadi Lepa on Dadru Kushtha w.s.r. to Dushi Visha: A Randomized Control Clinical Trial

Hemlata Dixit1* , Anita Sharma2 , Mukesh Shrimal3 and Amol Kadu4

Pages 183-191

  1. A Comparative Clinical Study on Traditional and Contemporary Basti Daan Vidhi with special reference to Janu Sandhigata Vata

Nirmala R Sonawane1* , Sima A Kurule2 , Lata A Rathod3 and Sandip LAute4

Pages 192-199

  1. Cervical Erosion - Therapeutic Cure through Ayurveda

S N V Neeraja Doguparti1*

Pages 200-209

  1. Conceptual Study on Trividh Rogamarga

Priyanka Gupta1* and Aradhana Kande2

Pages 210-214

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